Improve Virtual Meetings with Tips and Tools

Some time ago, I did a popular post evaluating free on-line meeting planning and tracking tools. Earlier this year, I did 3 posts regarding virtual team-building books on members and leaders of virtual teams, as well as meeting icebreakers.  Since the virtual meeting topic still appears to be very much something people want to know about, I decided to do another post related to the topic.

This time my post is just a few links to help readers get tips on how to effectively hold virtual meetings, whether they are teleconference, videoconference or on-line web conferences.  Below you will find lots of information on how to manage effective virtual meetings and where to get how-to information on different tools (many of which offer free trials) is offered.  Let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite meeting tool or tip.  Feel free to put in the URL to tool or another article so I and future readers can check for helpful information to add to this post.
Virtual meetings PDFs you may want to read or download:

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