Guest Bloggers

Thank you for considering writing as a guest on this blog.  Below are a few simple guidelines for postings. 

Blog SecurityAuthor Identification

You must have a Gmail account to access the Blogger tool and to receive an invitation to post articles on If you do not have a Gmail account, set-up one by doing the following steps. If you have an account, skip to step 4.:
1. Go to and select the Gmail link at top of page.
2. When the Gmail page appears, select the Sign up for Gmail option.
3. Follow the instruction to create an account.
4. Once you have your Gmail address, send it to Blog Administrator requesting blog security with a brief description of the type of article you wish to post.
5. If your security is approved, you will receive an email with more instructions.

Post Guidelines
Once you have security, decide if you want to post via email or directly using Blogger for creating your post article on and follow the appropriate steps.
1. Write your blog post that will correspond with existing Blog Labels on the site. Use Word or another word processing software to develop the article/post. Try to limit your words to a maximum of 600 or a minimum of 250. If your article is a lot longer than the max, try to break it into multiple posts. Remember for blogging, shorter is better and most experts recommend around 200 words with hyperlinks to more details elsewhere on the web.
2. Make any words you wish hyperlinked to articles or other informative information on the web that will support or expand on your posting ideas.
3. Use any bold, italics, bullets, or numbering as you desire, but be aware that special fonts may not translate to the blog. Do not use underlining except on hyperlinks.
4. Spell and grammar check your document before posting. Spell check will tell you how many words your post will be. If it is too long, consider breaking it into multiple posts.
5. Post using the Blogger tool or email process you set-up
6. Optional, if you have a Twitter account and want to send out your post, you can retweet the link from “2bproductive" using the Tweet button at the bottom of the post once it is published.

For guest Bloggers, a name will show listed under the “About Authors” section as a guest writer. This is in addition to your name displaying at the bottom of your posts. Your guest name may be linked to your website, blog, email address, or LinkedIn/Plaxo profile if you do not have any of the others. If you wish any of these, please send your desired URL or email ID to the Blog Administrator, otherwise your name will not contain a link.