Ten New Leader Assumptions

Whether a person is hired or promoted into a leadership position, they are expected to have certain skills.  If they are experienced, they will have many of the skills and talent required of good leaders.  Those with experience will know they need continuous learning to become great leaders.

However, people who are new at leadership may fell they have to jump right in and do rather than learn.  Or they may be afraid to ask for training or mentoring as it may make them appear "not up to the job" they have been entrusted with.  Either idea is a false assumption.  Bad leaders choose not to learn, good leaders choose to gain what is need as it is need, great leaders seek to learn continually.  Below are some false new leader assumptions that can be improved with appropriate mentorship, by reading good books on the topic, or through formal training.

10 New Leader Assumptions
  1. Leaders know how to communicate with their followers.
  2. Leaders can facilitate effective meetings.
  3. Leaders know how to inspire and motivate others.
  4. Leaders have excellent time management skills.
  5. Leaders know how to solve problems and make decisions.
  6. Leaders understand vision, mission, and objectives of the organization.
  7. Leaders know how to discipline and reward their employees.
  8. Leaders are technically competent.
  9. Leaders know how to get necessary resources.
  10. Leaders have ethics and are trustworthy,

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