Time Management with TAPP Steps

T.A.P.P. is an introduction to time management for the 21st century using four key concepts: listing tasks to do, scheduling appointments, setting priorities, and considering people in the mix. To make these concepts easy-to-remember, the TAPP acronym stands for tasks, appointments, priorities, and people. To find out more abut the new time management book that introduces TAPP, watch the author interview video (approximately 3 minutes) embedded below (or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT1sGOHmyyY). The interview also mentions the topic of procrastination, for a few more details about that topic; you may want to read the article: 3 Excuses for Procrastination and How to Overcome Them

For a quick introduction to TAPP, read the short ASTD brief titled Time Management of 21st Century = TAPP or for a little more detail, see on-line article Dancing with Time. If you would like more detail on how each of the 4 concepts of TAPP could work to improve your personal time management and help you solve problems getting started with your priorities or continuing on the path to improved productivity, check out this book. To do so, you may want to search inside the book TAPP Steps in Time Management on Amazon.com, read through the TAPP Book Flyer, or watch the the TAPP Book Preview slideshow (about 3 minutes).

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