Nine Leadership Keys to Inspire People to Produce Results

Inspired People
Produce Results

In Jeremy Kingsley’s book Inspired People Produce Results (on Amazon #ad), he provides 9 keys for leaders to use to unlock greater growth in their organizations. 
Below those 9 Leadership Key containing a few of the points he made summarized as: inspire, passion, purpose, loyalty, caring, understanding, patience, communication, and integrity.

  1. Inspire by creating SMART goals for your teams; and show your personal dedication, commitment, and vision.
  2. Provide passion to employees so they try new things and enable their own innovative work; celebrate accomplishments and share your vision along with the importance of projects.
  3. Clearly define the purpose of your organization, team, and projects; linking individual passions to purposeful work and worthy causes energizes employees.
  4. Demonstrate loyalty and get it back through connecting to your team and forming a lasting relationship with each employee.
  5. Show that you care about your employees and are grateful for the work that they do; establish a both a social and physical working environment that is comfortable for each individual - be “green” whenever possible.
  6. Understand the strengths and weaknesses (see DiSC vs, HRDQ assessments for help) of each team member in order to motivate them and develop their specific talents; listening, counseling, and mentoring are expected by today’s workforce.
  7. Encourage patience in interactions between yourself and your employees by planning projects properly and setting realistic performance expectations; encourage the testing of new ideas, even if they fail, so you can have greater success later.
  8. Communication should be personal, precise, and persistent; face-to-face is best and when providing pertinent details be honest and repeat as often as needed.
  9. Show integrity, you will face fewer crises and will inspire your people to follow you; the best way to show it is to say what you mean and do what you say.

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