Personality Style at Work via HRDQ Assessment

Personality Style
at Work Book

According to the Personality Style at Work book (on Amazon #ad) by Kate Ward, the secret to working with everyone is knowing your own personality style and adapting it to those around you for better communication and cooperation.  The book is full of ways to identify the four styles (direct, spiritual, considerate, and systematic) of others through conversation and observation.  Once you know their style and you can adapt your own to mimic theirs so you are more simpatico.  As with most assessments of this type, readers are encouraged to always use a personality/style model to guide personal behavior, not to try to change others.

Strengths and Shortcomings of the 4 Styles (from pages 97 & 126 of book)
Stay focused, rarely go off on tangents
May be tactless
(High Assertive/
Low Expressive)
On a team, gets the team moving
Communicate with them  by being short and to the point
Interesting conversations, and involve the listener
May not handle criticism well
(High Assertive/
High Expressive)
On a team, infuses it with positive energy
Communicate with them  by lively and energetic
Excellent listeners who want to help
May not handle conflict well
(Low Assertive/
High Expressive)
On a team, maintains team harmony
Communicate with them  by friendly and relaxed
Information is accurate and reliable
May be negative
(Low Assertive/
Low Expressive)
On a team, helps get things done
Communicate with them  by factual and logical

The book noted above features HRDQ’s Personality Style Model (scroll down page link to see image of model), which is similar concept to the DiSC Behaviorial Style.  A paper-assessment of HRDQ is at the back of the book.  To take a 15-minute, fee-based, on-line HRDQ version visit

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