Coaching for Career Success with Eight Truths

Tuesday Morning
Coaching Book
David Cottrell’s book Tuesday Morning Coaching (on Amazon #ad) is written as a learning journal over an 8-week period in which the coach and learner explore 8 essential “simple truths” for success.  Not everything is shared in this post so you can learn more from the book if you decide to get it.  The tips shared below are items that have been similarly shared on this blog or in past articles.

Summary of the 8 simple truths:
1.   No Matter Whatattitude and focus are up to you.  You cannot blame others for your situation.

2.   And Then Some – look for ways to see and do things differently and then go beyond the expected.

Star Formula Q + A = C (Quality of Service + Attitude = Compensation)

3.   Consider It Done – be confident, committed, and accountable.  Let people know you can be counted on.
      Successful people:
  • Have an abundance mentality –they believe there is plenty of knowledge, wisdom and success for everyone.
  • Are open-minded and ask for input from others.
  • Follow-thru and have integrity.

4.   Above All Else – know your values and what you are unwilling to compromise on.

5.   From Now On – when problem solving, know the real problem so you find the best solution and learn from your failures
Recommended steps:
a.   Write down the problem as you perceive it.
b.   The impact it has on your and/or others.
c.    The desired state you want to accomplish.
d.    Determine why think the problem exists.
e.    List potential solutions.

6.    See It, Feel It, Trust It, Do It! – set goals and make plans
Recommended steps:
a.   Visualize what you want to happen.
b.   Write it down as (SMART) goals and do a reality check.
c.   Share goals to others who can help or hold you accountable.
d.   Set deadlines, identify obstacles, execute plan.

7.   Focus Inside Your Boat – practice time management to focus on what you can control, not what is outside your control
      Successful people:
  • Identify their priorities.
  • Know when to say no.
  • Attack procrastination.

8.   Knowledge Is Power – always be learning: from others, by reading books, and sharing your own knowledge
“According to the U.S. Labor Department, businesspeople who read at least 7 business books per year earn over 230% more than people who read just 1 book per year.”


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