What is a RARA meeting?

R.A!R.A! is not about having a "feel good" meeting or giving "positive affirmations" or motivational gifts to team members during a meeting. It is about managing meetings so they are both efficient and effective. A good meeting hat accomplishes its purpose can be very motivational for a work or project team because it lets them know they are getting work done both in-the-meeting and outside it as well.

R.A!R.A! is both an acronym and a book title. To find out what the acronym means play the Defining R.A!R.A! Meeting Management Approach video (under 30 seconds) embedded below (or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm9bfRYHB7Q). For a few more details, you may want to read the article: Four Things a Meeting Facilitator or Leader Needs to Do. And if you want even more detail on how each of the 4 components of the acronym should work to improve your meetings (plus information on different types of meetings, methods for holding meetings, preparing for meetings, sending notifications, 11-step meeting process, and handling problems in meetings), you may want to search inside the book R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard's Approach on Amazon.com and view the slideshow R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizards Approach - Book Preview (about 2 minutes) or RARA Book Flyer

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