A Twitter Journey: More Great Stuff for Users

My first 3 posts of this Twitter journey were related to topics most knowledgeable user would cover in a Twitter Basics presentation or discussion: start-up, following, and etiquette. This post will be for the advanced or more serious user. What’s the difference? The advanced user has been on Twitter for some time, knows their way around Twitter, already has followers, and probably wants more tools to make using Twitter easier. Whereas the serious user might not be as knowledgeable but they are interested in ideas for linking to Twitter from their website or blog or they may want to know about applications to improve how they use Twitter for their business, profession, or group.

When I talk to groups who want to know how to move beyond the Twitter basics, we discuss what I have found helpful for the way I use Twitter plus the tools, applications, and methods others in the group may use. A few topics in these sessions have include using the list feature in Twitter as a way to help manage the influx of information on Twitter; shortening URLs so more text may fit in 140 characters; various applications and utilities outside of Twitter that may be used to manage messaging or following; where to get badges, buttons, and widgets for websites and blogs; as well as interfacing Twitter with Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace updates. I will not spoil your chance at a personal learning experience by telling you all the stuff I cover, but feel free to click on any links in this paragraph to get a peak at some articles I’ve written or instructions from other social sites.
As in prior posts from this series, below is a selection of links that will take you to lots more tools to consider helping you with your personal Twitter journey. If you find a tool or app that works well for you, please come back to this post and add a comment to let me and blog readers know about it too!
In the month of June, 2bproductive and meetingwizard accounts passed 5,000 followers. Of course the Twitter Journey does not end here as I keep finding great tips for Twitter. I’ve decide to create a blog post that contains links to articles, posts, and other helpful tips on the web that I find about Twitter and other networking sites (as well as some I have already discovered that did not match the posts in this series). So please return to this blog soon and check the social network label to find a future post called “List of Good Stuff on Social Sites.”

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