Contemplating independence, interdependence, and freedoms

The 4th of July is the celebration of Independence Day for the citizens of the United States of America. We celebrate our freedoms as stated in our constitution, the Bill of Rights, and various amendments. On this date we also recognize what we owe to our soldiers at this time as well on other holidays like Veterans and Memorial Days. Since our businesses recognize this holiday of independence , many give employees the day off so they can spend much of their time with family, friends, and where allowed fireworks.

My family often celebrates the holiday getting together for come and go festivities. There are people talking and reflecting on life, liberty, and change. By the time we get around to a really long and leisurely picnic lunch, we may have upwards of 100 people there. They may be great-aunts, grandparents, cousins from first to somewhat removed, in-laws and other relations - aging from a few days old to nearing a hundred. Included is swimming, softball, or volleyball for the athletic and shady seats for others. Desserts are had all day and suppertime is whenever people feel hungry. When nightfall arrives, the fireworks begin. The celebration runs long, lazy, and lavish with love and laughter.

As business professionals or executives - do you ever consider the rights of the individuals and groups within your organization? Do you think about how much of your success you may owe to our soldiers and your employees? What freedoms exist within your organizations for employee empowerment, team-building, individual accomplishment, and personal or professional growth? Tell us what you personally or your company will be doing to celebrate this date, the American idea, and the never-ending pursuit of happiness and growth…

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