Is it procrastination or good prioritization that prevents working on that task?

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I’ve often heard people refer to themselves as procrastinators as if this implies some defect in their personality or attitude. Procrastination can be both good and bad. It’s good if we are using the excuses that indicate the task is a low priority, busy-work, or something unimportant for meeting our personal or company goals. It’s bad when we use the excuses that keep us from working on those big projects that look daunting or unpleasant but are important for meeting our goals. Which one can you relate to - the good or the bad excuses? Why?

Can we overcome our procrastination habit by considering the consequences of our lack of action and productivity? Do we need someone to monitor or coach us to start succeeding and stop procrastinating? Do we need to establish personal rewards for accomplishing something that we normally work hard at procrastinating? Or do we need to figure the value of the task being procrastinated and determine whether we are costing our company money or wasting their assets on low-value work? Can time management tools, training, and prioritization help?

Are you a procrastinator? Do you know one? Please share what you have done to overcome the fascination with procrastination complex.

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