Is Deglobalization the New Business Solution?

Over the past few decades, world trade opportunities led many companies to see globalization as a way to increase sales growth and potential profits.   Moving manufacturer to countries where labor was cheaper or regulations less strict seemed important to cost cutting efforts and again increased profits.  

Due to the world pandemic and economic ramifications causing a break in the supply chain as well as rising shipping rates and import/export costs, some corporations are not only rethinking globalization.  There are questions how to work during global isolation.  Plus many organizations are also considering deglobalization as a possible economic resolution.  

Is the new concept of deglobalization the most recent answer to companies changing the way they do business?  Will deglobalization decrease or increase investment opportunities?  Are the business trends really moving from a history of worldwide marketplaces and returning to home base operations?  If the trend in more national than global, how does this impact future product marketing and sales?  If the trend is more local than world-wide, what does that mean for human resources departments and employee placement?  What does it mean for building factories, moving manufacturing, customer service, and more for logistics, productivity, and quality? 

What do you think?  Have you read any good articles that helped your compnay make decisions regarding globalization or deglobalization?  If you have, please share article sources and hyperlinks in comments on this post.

FYI: NEW answer on Chief Executive Net 2023 China: The Decoupling Is Here  


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