Where Are Women's Rights in the Workforce?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 specifically required equal treatment of individuals regardless of gender. This meant qualified women should be considered for hiring and promotion if they match the job requirements as well as a man.  The oldest and most accepted definition and/or synonym for the word sex is gender.

Recently, the "educated" members of the Supreme Court and Congress decided to redefine the word sex from the previously accepted gender to indicate terms of private intimacy preferences. In essence destroying the gender equality portion of the Civil Rights Act and replacing it with behavior-based concepts. What does this mean for the working woman now? 
  • Since gender is not an issue, does it mean wages and job options will recede to pre-1963 when equal pay for equal work was enacted?
  • Since sexual orientation is now the issue, does it mean that sexual harassment may increase over what it was in the 1980's and become even more prevalent in the future?
  • Since gender equality is not important, will women lose their jobs and  be forced to return to pre-WWII stay-at-home status?
  • Since gender is gone as an issue, what is next to lose -  women's right to vote which was gained back in 1920?
What has happened to business leaders saying workforce diversity is important for idea generation and problem solving?  Where are all the so-called feminists hiding that allowed this to happen? Is everyone so focused on face masks and other protest actions that what has already been gained is allowed to slowly die away? 

Obviously there are not enough women on the Supreme Court or in Congress to protect female rights. Will women's right continue to go backwards as Twitter video clams?   Perhaps it is not about gender, maybe it is an attempt to increase lawsuits against businesses?  Maybe the reasoning is business and personal values are not as important to economy as a backlogged legal system is...

Pray fro women's rights, not only in USA, but everywhere around the world.  Taliban rule will be 'a long slow death' for women,

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