Start-up Guide for Developing Effective Business Teams

Team Building
Primer - book
 Just released - a new team building book by Shirley Fine Lee that provides what leaders and team members need to know to start a team off correctly so they are more effective from the beginning.  The book is available on Amazon #ad and called Team Building Primer: A Start-up Guide for Developing Effective Teams, Committees, and Other Groups. If your business teams are faltering, this guidebook can also be used to get them back on track by making sure the team knows why the they exists and what they are to accomplish. This guide may also be used by government or non-profit agencies to plan committees and development of other groups.

Here are the main concepts covered in the Team Building Primer:
  • Introduces four basic principles for team
  • Shows importance of giving teams a reason existence via definitions of charter, function, mission, and purpose  
  • Explains the need to express team’s potential for accomplishments by explaining the differences between group aims, goals, intentions, and objectives
  • Examines the roles of team leader, team membership, having a recorder (historian), and team sponsorship
  • Presents key elements of team start-up including member selection, establishing procedures (guidelines, ground rules  or code of conduct) , team meetings, and planning for training
  • Notes how to get team members involved, assigning actions, keeping records, and role rotation within the team
  • Touches on how to decide when it is time to disband a team, hold team celebrations, and evaluate team performance 

Below are the suggested articles for additional reference from the Team Building Primer:
  • Introd

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