Will Your Strategic Planning Event Be the Best Yet?

It may seem as if I am writing this a little late since most organizations already have plans for yearly strategic meetings set before the previous fiscal year-end.  It is never too late to get great tips and advice to make your strategic planning event better. 

According to RARA - A Meeting Wizard's Approach (available on Amazon #ad) there are 5 Common Types of Participative Meetings.  For this time of year, let us concentrate on strategic planning meeintgs.  Why?  As the book notes this type of meeting can bring the following results for a great New Year:  organizational vision, values/beliefs, mission/purpose, goals/objectives, process maps, policies/procedures, new business exploration, and change plans. 

Below are links to a few good, short reads for improving your strategy meetings:
If you are looking for ideas on how to facilitate a strategic or goal-setting meeting as well as add activities that aid the purpose of your meeting, you may want to check out a few of my older newsletters on Values and Vision, SWOT, Purpose or Mission, Change Management, and Goals.  Most of these newsletters will provide “how to” instructions for activities or links to articles with more helpful tips.

Here are a few optional links you may want to check out.
  • Share Infographic on RARA Meeting Management to remind everyone how to hold better meetings throughout the business year
  • Download the Aberdeen Group's Strategic Meetings Management Report sponsored by Cvent
  • Get more efficient and effective business meetings from self-paced guide RARA - A Meeting Wizard's Approach with reproducible meeting forms for team leaders and meeting facilitators

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