Six Directories to Help with Following on Twitter and to Get Followers

Finding people to follow on Twitter and hope they choose to follow you back is not always an easy task using only the “find people” option within Twitter.  Sometimes you want a more targeted way to find people based on a category or keyword best describes why they use Twitter.  This can be accomplished using a directory to find people and then following them on Twitter.  Provided here is a list of popular Twitter-based directories so you can decide which meets your needs.

1.  TweetFind  ( is a directory of users who sign-up to be listed too.  It requires an extra step over the first two when you are looking at user on the directory you must click their Twitter link in order to follow them.  Categories to search in this directory include Blogs, Books, Business, Celebrities, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs, Environment, Financial, Food, Foundations, Government, Health, International, Marketing, Music, News/Media, Parents, Pets, Professions, Real Estate, Shopping, Social Media, Sports, Technology, Transportation, and Travel. 

2.  WeFollow ( is similar to TweetFind but with more category tags listed.  

3.  Twellow ( – This directory is known as the Twitter yellow pages since it regularly updates with new accounts added to Twitter. It allows you to search by a category or keyword. It helps to narrow down the potential list of accounts to ones that come closer to matching your search criteria. If the Twitter account owner has gone into Twellow, they may provide more detail on their account purpose there as well.

4.   My Twitter Directory ( is similar to Twellow, but Twiiter accounts must sign-up to be seen here as it is not automatically updated.  However this may help you because you know people have voluntarily joined this directory.

If you are using Twitter for local sales, community relations, or other geographical criteria, the finding people to follow on Twitter using the “find people” option may not be your best solution.  Instead you may prefer to target people based on where they are physically located.  You can easily does this be using a directory that is set up by location to find people and then follow them on Twitter.  Provided here is short list of popular Twitter-based location directories so you can decide which might best meet your needs.

1.    Twellowhood ( - If you have already checked out the Twitter Yellow Pages (Twellow), then you can find this as another tab there.  This option allows geographical searching for followers.  It can narrow down to cities in a specific area.  If you want to use it, pick a place on the world map to narrow down to.  If you picked the United States of America, then click in area of desired state to go to the state.  Once the state appears, a drop-down list of cities and possibly metropolises will appear to choose from.  Then just pick the desired cities and start following people.

2.    Local Tweeps ( allows you to search for Twitter users by zip code or view a list of most people in the directory.  Only public Twitter users that sign-up on the directory will display in the listings. 

When using Twitter for local sales, community relations, or other geographical criteria, consider targeting followers based on where they are physically located.  This can be done easily by using one of the three directories listed above.
Try finding people to follow on Twitter with a targeted approach using directories.  Read the descriptions above, determine which seems to best fit needs, and then pick a couple to try out.

Warning:  Due to the many Twitter hackers out there that can take over accounts and send out SPAM - be careful when setting up directory or other accounts using your Twitter ID and password!  It is best to be logged into Twitter on another tab or window.  Then let the new tool verify your open account so that it does not save your security information.

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