Plan Business Tomorrow with Six Tasks/Steps towards Improved Time Management

TAPP Time Management

There is a key to thinking of time management planning by thinking of the number six.   This simple concept can help you get more business done each day and get yourself moving towards achieving professional goals. .How does it work?  See the steps listed below and try them for a while. 
  1. First always plan your next work day the night before!  This focuses your concentration on succeeding and meeting your goals the next day so you spend less time procrastinating and more time doing.
  2. Start your daily To Do list by listing the 6 most important things you have to get done the next day.
  3. Then prioritize those items from highest to lower value for achieving your business goals.  Prioritizing helps you to work on what is most important rather than just doing busy work. 
  4. Take the highest 2 priorities and plan what time during the next day those tasks or projects will be worked on by you.  Set an appointment with yourself during your peak time and around any necessary meeting you may have already scheduled – put it on your calendar so you don’t forget!
  5. Take the next 2 priorities and plan time to work on those.  Decide if they must be completed the next day or if you can just work on portions of the task and then plan to finish in the same week.
  6. Take the remaining 2 items and decide if they can be done on another day or assigned to someone else to get done the day you want them completed.  There is usually someone in the office or on the team who would like to take on a new challenge or become responsible for a specific task in order to grow professionally. 
When trying this process out, keep in mind that to create a new habit, you must do the same thing every day for 30 days.  So be consistent and keep trying until you see an improvement in your time and planning.

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