Entrepreneurs Learn to Risk to Succeed

Risk to Succeed
The Risk to Succeed book (on Amazon #ad) by Cohen is another business parable destined to make the best-selling charts like those that were written before it:  Who Moved My Cheese? on change (on Amazon #ad) by Spencer, Fish! on morale and productivity (on Amazon #ad by Luden plus others , and Whale Done! on relationships (on Amazon #adby Blanchard.  This book is meant as a guideline for entrepreneurs seeking to find their business niche as well as ways to give back to their community using the story of an elephant named Bella as the business beginner and her butterfly mentor Cee.  Below are a few key lessons from the book.

To decide your career, look inside yourself and ask these 2 questions:
1.     “If you could choose to pursue any career at all, what would it be?”
2.    “When you imagine yourself living true to your passion, waking up each day pursuing it, and ultimately achieving success – how does that make you feel?”
When choosing a career path, consider this formula for success:
    Interests + Skills + Needs = Career Success
Stretching yourself to reach a goal feels good. “As you stretch, you become invigorated by the possibility of grasping a place you’ve never imagined possible.  You embrace the essential, life-giving practice of risk-taking.”
If you say you do not have time to begin working towards your new career or business, start with 5 hours a week to move towards your goal.  As you move toward your goal, you will find the time and those 5 hours will eventually become 40 hours per week doing what you love.
When changing your career path or starting a business, consider this formula for attainment:
    Reality-based Steps
    + Success Buddy
    + Measurable Time Commitment
    = Realization of Goals
Continue to grow by learning new things and accepting additional challenges.  This helps you to become more flexible and better be able to handle change. 

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