Entrepreneurial Tips on Marketing and Sales

Rules of the Hunt
In Michael Dalton Johnson’s book Rules of the Hunt (on Amazon #ad);
he gives his opinions and advice on starting a business, sales, marketing, and more. 

Below are a few of his 30 ideas for marketing and
his 8 reasons why your sales may be lost.

A Dozen Marketing Ideas
  1. Marketing pros can accelerate company growth and generate revenue.
  2. There can be too much information on your brochures.
  3. Use the “tell them 3 times” rule for creating good copy:  tell what you are going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.
  4. Good service justifies price/value.
  5. Sell them on the benefits to them, not the product features.
  6. Offer satisfaction guarantees.
  7. Send follow-up notes and be sure to proofread.
  8. Direct mail gives buyers something to hold in their hands.
  9. Build a contact database by giving subscribers guarantee of privacy as well as a reason to sign-up.
  10. Clich├ęs sell – use them wisely in advertising copy.
  11. Keep it personal by using “you” often or where possible the reader’s actual name.
  12. Forget image branding – the goal is to sell not increase awareness.   However, use photos and images that capture the spirit of your marketing message.
8 Reasons for Losing Sales and How to Overcome Them
  1. Your sales pitch is boring. Use visuals and examples that show them how much they will save or how your product can help them.
  2. You insult the customer’s intelligence. Treat them with respect and ask open-ended questions rather than try to manipulate.
  3. You are uniformed about your prospect. Take time to visit their website and learn about their competition.
  4. You are talking to the wrong person.  Make sure you are meeting with the decision maker.
  5. You do not listen to what your customers are saying.  Pay attention to what they are saying and how they are saying it.
  6. You do not understand your customer’s needs.  Find out their needs and concerns and show how your product can help.
  7. Buyers do not like you.  Invest in rapport-building skills.
  8. Potential clients do not know you or your company.  Get referrals and name drop current customers.

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