Eight Success Strategies for Women Leaders

How Women
Lead book

The book How Women Lead (on Amazon #ad) by Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson, is divided into 8 chapters for each of the essential success strategies they have uncovered through interviews with many successful business women.  Below is a summary of the strategies and other keys in the book.

8 Success Strategies
1.       Empower the woman leader within
  • Be inclusive and collaborative
  • Create shared vision, values, and goals
  • Value the ability to multi-task
  • Understand women’s leadership styles
2.       Own your destiny – take charge our your success
  • Break free of boundaries
  • Define what success means to you
3.       Be the architect of your career
  • Choose the right place to work – check the culture
  • Continue education – on-the-job and in school
  • Look for options and opportunities
  • Know when it is time to move on
4.       Advocate unabashedly for yourself
  • Create your own personal brand and sell yourself
  • Build your reputation
  • Find a business case for what you want
  • Create various networks of advocates and allies
5.       Translate the stories the numbers tell to drive strategic business results
  • Master financial skills
  • Know your company’s customers and competitors
6.       Create exceptional  teams
  • Inspire and demand results
  • Let them know they are valued as individuals
7.       Nurture your greatest asset – YOU
  • Set priorities
  • Integrate personal and professional goals
  • Build support networks
  • Stay healthy
  • Treat your time and energy as valuable resources
  • Build the wealth they way you want
  • Take advantage of company benefits
8.       Turn possibilities into reality
  • Be an advocate for and mentor to others
  • Be a community role model
  • Practice philanthropy

5 Steps to get what you want (from chapter 4)
  1. Know what you want and be very specific about it
  2. Write down the exact outcome you want
  3. Write the request in the form of a call to action
  4. Practice making the case and asking out loud
  5. Expect the answer to be YES
4 Methods to ensure you have the best team (from chapter 6)
  1. Hire slowly
  2. Hire strategically
  3. Provide coaching and mentoring
  4. Fire fast

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