Best Time Management Tip: Write It Down!

Making a task list using sticky notes, marker board, paper pad, or a computer application to help manage time to get things done is discussed in the 2+ minute video below.  "To do" tips in the video are based on the time management principle "If an item is important to remember to do, then write it down."  This is 1 of 6 principles given in the book T.A.P.P. Steps in Time Management  (on Amazon #ad).


Yous | Jobs in Dallas TX said...

Thanks for sharing time management tips. I have noted these tips and share this video to my office colleague.

Claudine Motto said...

Shirley, "writing it down" is definitely one of the simplest but most powerful tips to stay on track.

Another advantage of having what you want to get done written down is being able to check the list throughout the day so you can see how well you've stuck to your plan, and shift gears if necessary.

Thanks for sharing.