Do you have the potential for a second career?

Boundless Potential
After reading Boundless Potential (on Amazon #ad), I have to wonder is this a business book or a roadmap for a journey for personal discovery?
In this book, Mark S. Walton shares success stories of many Americans who have started second careers after retiring or being let go from long-term assignments.  He shares a blueprint on how others can find their passion to begin rewarding careers and new life adventures too.  Below are outlines in groups of 3 that share some of the key points from the book.

Steps in the reinvention process:
1. Discover your fascination
Ask yourself "What is the direction that pulls me forward?”
2: Find your flow
Ask: “What kind of work will turn my fascination into flow?”
3:  Envision your structure
Ask: “Will I create a project, role, career, business, or non-profit?”

Fascination – intersection of heart and mind that sets the direction for re-inventive work.
Flow – highest level of human happiness, achieved when fascination is turned into action.
Structure – opportunity that is essential for success in midlife and beyond.

Challenges:  impatience, inexperience with introspection, established identity

Lessons for realizing potential:
1. Find your niche and sell it.
2. Stay solvent and focused.
3. Expect the unexpected.

Tips from interview with Mark Miller, author of The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security on Amazon #ad in chapter 12:
1. Prepare by having at least 6 months of living expenses covered.
2. Most small start-ups can be accomplished with $10,000.
3. Do not look for a job at the same time as starting a business because both will suffer from your divided attention.

If you want to find some of the people mentioned in this book, visit OrgThis blog.

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