Out-of-the-box Customer Training on Their Buying Motivations

If you can not get your sales people to understand that the customer cares about more than the price, then you may need to do a little training.  If your company already offers sales training, you may want to consider supplementing it with refresher training at field locations.  Meeting Genius offers a pre-boxed training kit called CUSTOMERS: Know what motivates people to buy from you in a box.  The box contains a facilitator’s guideline with suggested activities and includes a CD which contains: PowerPoint show, a 2.5 minute video, all handouts, and 4 articles.  The training is meant to be delivered .in about an hour by a sales manager, HR professional, or a professional trainer.

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The materials emphasize and encourage group discussion of the 5 typical motives behind a customer's interest in purchasing a product or service: 1) Desire of gain; 2) Fear of loss; 4) Convenience; 3) Emotional pleasure; 5) Pride.  Below are examples of ways to recognize the different motivations that may come out of the discussion topics that are covered in this training.  The slides provide tips to determine which motivation is present after the discussion is completed.  Of course the best way to find out the customer’s buying motive is to ask questions.

Gain motive:
  • Is willing to take more risks
  • Like challenges
  • Is comfortable with more aggressive decisions
  • Wants to save money and to make more money
Loss motive:
  • Losing something or someone important to him
  • Feels is being deceived
  • Not getting what was agreed
  • Not having the deadlines respected
Convenience motive
  • Likes simple things
  • Likes fast things
  • Complains about delays
  • Complains if the buying process has too many steps or takes too much time
Pleasure motive:
  • Enjoys the best and more comfortable things in life
  • Likes to follow the buying process
  • Is not worried about what others think
  • Enjoys good quality products and services
  • Likes to provide the same to others
Pride motive:
  • Is in search of social acceptance
  • Has a desire for style, admiration, self-improvement, recognition
  • The opinion of others is important
  • Wonders if the product/service will give some status
  • Enjoys using brand products and services
If you choose to do this 1-hour program, you can deliver the training as recommended in the box or customize it by interspersing your own company examples wherever possible.  As an idea to consider instead of handing out the 4 extra articles in class, use the articles as follow-on reinforcement of the training instead.  Simply email 1 article per week to participants as an attachment with a question you design to get them interested in reading the attachment.  Do this every week starting the month following the date of the training.

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