10 Leadership Tricks from a Motivational Hound

The book title True Blue Leadership sounds like a new management book, but then the cover showing a dog might make you think it is something else altogether – yet it is not. This is a new leadership book by Tracey C. Jones that covers 10 management truths (a.k.a. tricks or tips) in 91 pages from the perspective of her dog, Mr. Blue. Although the book concept is different, it tells it like it should be in the world of business. Below are the 10 main leadership tips as I understood them from the chapters in this book.

1.  Work hard for what you want and earn.
2.  Be enthusiastic in all that you do.
3.  Surround yourself with loyal people.
4.  Helping others also rewards you.
5.  Do not blame others.
6.  Be a leader, not an angry boss.
7.  Do not let the noise from others derail you.
8.  Where you are going is more important than where you have been.
9.  You must continually learn new things.
10. Wisdom can be gained through reading books.

Besides the tips, the book also provides additional reading suggestions at the end of each chapter. The suggested books should provide ideas or inspiration on how to move towards applying the associated numbered trick in one’s professional or personal life. The hound/author gives an opinion on why the reader should get each book and what they may gain from reading it. Below are the book suggestions given in each chapter.
1.  The New Common Denominator by Albert Gray
2.  Life is Tremendous by Charlie Jones
3.  A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard
4.  8 Attributes of Great Achievers by Cameron Taylor
5.  You and Your Network by Fred Smith
6.  Leaders Without Borders by Doug Dickerson
7.  52 Ways to a Happier Life by Jim Donovan
10. Books Are Tremendous by Charlie Jones

Anyone interested in meeting the author(s), can check out their book tour schedule at http://www.tremendouslifebooks.net/stopplayingdead/ .

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