Undercover Boss Talks Customer Service

Earlier this year, we all watched the VERY popular new TV show about great leadership in these tough economic times. Lots of viewers blogged and tweeted about the lessons learned in the first season. The new season of Undercover Boss has kicked off with CEOs from 2 companies in the hospitality business: Choice Hotels International and Great Wolf Resorts (click on compnay titles to view the episode video). Here we learn about how great employees have an effect on customer service.

CEO at Choice Hotels, Steve Joyce, sweats while doing housekeeping, maintenance, and other service jobs at EconoLodge, Cambria Suites, Quality Inn, Comfort Suites, and Suburban. He understands how equipment and supply issues, as well as lack of training, not only make it hard for employees to do their jobs but can influence how the customer sees the company. What do your employees need to do their jobs? How does having the correct equipment, supplies, and people affect your business? How does this look to your customers? Where can you and your employees improve the process and work-related items available to them? Are your providing the training your employees need? How are you communicating what training is available?

Kim Schaefer, CEO of Great Wolfe works on the front lines at many lodge locations during her episode. While working at the front desk and in a restaurant, she acknowledges how operations can cause wait times that frustrate customers and confuse employees. Do you have processes or policies that cause customers to wait? What can you do to streamline and make it a more pleasant experience for both your customers and employees? How far will you allow your employees to go to make customers happy? Do they employees know how much flexibility they have?

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Linda Doud said...

I want to know when your going to have the Big Boss of Walmart I mean the owner or one of the boys of Sam Walton which has turned over in his grave many many times the way they have ruined or have redone the way they have treated there associates. .First of all they don't treat them with respect and Sam always treated his employees and always his customers with dignity and respect. Even if the cost of living has gone up he would of still made it right for the employees they have almos got rid of all there bonus's. But they stay and take it because it's a job. But if I was you'll I would diffently bug them until they come on Undercover Boss. This is from Linda D in Florida.
Thank You