Relax, not Stress on no Labor Day

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Labor Day is a holiday with lots of history and is often celebrated with community fairs or parades in the U.S.A. Over time, Labor Day became a vacation holiday from work for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Adults are meant to take time off form work to spend with children before the school year gets into full swing. Make it a fun holiday by using standard time management concepts to de-stress the day. Below are 3 ideas to consider.

  1. MAKE A LIST. In the past when you had cook-outs, did you find you forgot the chips but had the dip or worse have the drinks but no ice. Then you either missed part of the festivities because you had to go to the store or sent someone else. Sending another can seem even more stressful than going yourself because it always seems like they are gone much more time than is necessary. So prevent this stressor - if you are planning a picnic or BBQ, make a list of everything needed before going to the store so no additional trips are necessary.
  2. PLAN THE TRIP. Ever decide to spend a holiday shopping all the great sales and arrived home exhausted because you zigzagged around the stores for particular items you thought you remembered from advertisements. This year as you read the ads, write down the item and location. Make a mental or physical map of the stores and plan the go in a circle around the map from home to store and back so the trip is quicker and smoother. This simple plan can save time and perhaps you will arrive home exhilarated instead of tired. Then you can feel ready to join family and friends at the BBQ in the evening!
  3. PRIORITIZE ACTIVITIES. If you are planning other activities, prioritize what are the most important things for the day and consider who you want to spend quality time with. Relax, laugh, and enjoy the day after all it is a holiday.

What are you planning to do on Labor Day? How are you going to make it fun rather than potential frustration? What time management concepts from this blog, from a well-known time management expert, or from your own experience will you use to make your day better?

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