Are you doing organizational remodeling?

We recently underwent some remodeling to our home. When we decided what we needed done, it seemed like it was the right thing to do at the best time and that would be done quickly and easily. We are 2 weeks into the 3 week project and there have been some great ideas added to the work and some unplanned events that took away from the time needed to pack and move stuff. Plus we didn’t think of all the dust and debris that would add a necessary clean-up phase to the overall project which was running through our holiday season with expected guests arriving soon after. Our estimated timeline got an extra few days added to the front-end for obtaining boxes and packing. Then clean-up will be added at the end for sometime after completion. You may be wondering what has our remodel to do with your leadership issues.

If you are planning your own company remodel (location, product, or service related) or other type of reorganization, then perhaps you should take some time to think things out? When it comes to reorganization or remodeling, you need to remember that change is hard and sometimes messy. You should consider if this is the right time to make a change and if not now then when? You must plan for all phases of the change and everything you may need in order to accomplish your goal with the least problems. Determine where your project may get derailed or additional work will be required. What materials are necessary and where will additional help be needed. Consider your crisis management plan. Don’t be afraid to suggest new ideas that result in a better remodel and stay open to others suggestions as well. Get everyone involved as soon as you can to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

Most people don’t like change, even if it is for a good reason. Before, during, and after the change, you must keep communication lines open so everyone knows what is happening and when. An informed group of employees, vendors, and customers is less likely to complain or sabotage your change plan if they understand the what, when, why, who, where, and how.
  • What changes are being planned? What will the final result should look like?
  • When will the changes begin? When is the expected project completion date?
  • Why is this change necessary for the company?
  • Where will the organization be (good or bad) after the change process is complete?
  • How will the change benefit the organization? How will it benefit the company’s stakeholders (customer, employees, vendors, stockholders, etc.)?

Are you doing organizational remodeling now or planning it for next year? If you are, consider reading other informative posts in the blog archives on change and leadership. If you have completed a successful remodel or reorganization, please share your lessons learned with others with comments on this post.

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