White Christmas or Snow Hazard?

It is rare to experience a white Christmas in most of North Texas. We had one this year and my son thought this was not the first. I told him that as DFW area children we often dream of the magical white Christmas, but I can not remember ever having actually experienced one before. . I was correct as the
newsman reported later that day –– 1926 was the last one and that was decades before my time. My son was just remembering a few of the after-Christmas storms where he did not have to go to school and was able to create a snowman (each of them under 2 feet tall).

The snow started on Christmas Eve about the time we had to pick up a relative at the airport. We were lucky, her plane came in and the highways were not bad until nearing our hometown. Others were not as lucky with their travel as some had to spend the night at the airport and some people we know did not reach their destinations until after Christmas. People here do not know how to drive on the snow and as the temperature drops, it turns to ice. As you can guess there were many road accidents, but fortunately not many people hurt.

So is snow on Christmas a magical blessing or a major hindrance to reaching our desired destinations? How do you view the snow days you encounter in life and at work? I thought this snow lovely since most of my family coming for the holidays was nestled together in a warm home with plenty to eat. I know others were not so blessed. I wish the New Year to bring hope and health to everyone who reads this. If you have a business, a budding career, or just a job - I hope you will prosper and do very well in 2010 for yourself, your family, and those around you. Please have a safe holiday season and a hopeful and fruitful New Year.

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Anonymous said...

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Shirley Fine Lee said...

For tweeps, photos from Feb. 11 deepest snowfall in DFW area http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/021210dnmetweatheramcil.10d28b659.html