Travel Tricks 8: Prep and Communication are Important

I think this is the last of my
series on travel tricks. I will end with some preparation ideas you might want to consider if you are ever stuck at the airport overnight. Be sure you set the alarm on your cell phone just in case you actually get some sleep so you won’t miss the first morning flight to your destination. Have toiletries in your carry on in case you need to clean-up in the restroom before rushing to that morning flight for immediate dispatch from airport to a meeting.
More quick advice - never assume the airline employees are announcing all they know about a situation. Ask and maybe they will let you in on more details. Once when my luggage was taking a long time to get from the plane to baggage claim, the baggage person was just telling us every 15 minutes they would be there soon starting after we had waited a full 30 minutes. After being told this multiple times some frustrated passengers asked what was going on, then the person in the baggage area who had been making the annoying announcements decided to let everyone know there was an equipment problem holding up the bags. Knowing why made the wait more bearable and stopped the complaining I was hearing from all around me. Communication can work wonders with customers!

Another time when I got out of a meeting early, I traded the seat on my scheduled flight for an earlier flight. Then that earlier flight got cancelled! I thought I would be stuck there for a while since lots of flights were getting cancelled but I checked at the gate of my original flight and they still showed I had that seat so they let me on. I was thrilled to finally get home even if the first flight was 2 hours late leaving at least it did not get cancelled. Just goes to show it never hurts to ask. These examples are not the best customer service situations, but they go to show you might get better service or at least a little information if you are just willing to speak to the right person. Communication from customers can work too!

Since my
first travel tricks post, we have shared a few funny mishaps, frustrating stories, and some good tips. I hope you found something new you could use. I also hope you chose to share something that works for you with our readers as well.

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