What Elevates Leaders from the Crowd? The Right Mindset for Workplace Success

We live in times of fear. It permeates the news, the media, the mindsets of most of our culture and the world we live in. You can literally sense it, see it and feel it in those places where the rumors of lay offs, downsizings and mergers are the water cooler topics of the day. Fear of the impending doom and gloom is the greatest enemy of engagement and productivity in America’s workforce today. What about you? How is it impacting you, today, right now at this moment?

Fear is the enemy of all forward movement, all achievement and all productivity. When and where there is fear there is no confidence, no trust and no real belief for a good today and a better tomorrow. Right now in America, in your workplace and in your life it is that insidious, often times invisible feeling of fear that is gripping people (that means you) by the throat and crippling the life force of your forward momentum. You know deep inside that is the case, yet what are you doing about it?

What is the Elevator?

So what is it that elevates leaders from the crowd? What will build your leadership mindset no matter what the economy, your company or your industry is doing? Confidence. Plain and simple. Can it really be that simple? Yes, but you didn’t read easy. It’s not brain surgery or rocket science. But developing deep levels of confidence, the kind of confidence that it takes to truly rise above the crowd isn’t done overnight. It is usually the reward of years of work, discipline and lots of trial and error. But it needn’t be that way if you understand and apply the bedrock principles behind building confidence.

Begin at the Beginning

Before we actually engage in the practical and simple process of building unshakeable confidence you might want to know why this mindset is so crucial. Why is confidence the vital underpinnings of both workplace and life success.

The enemy of confidence is fear and you’ll never conquer fear if you don’t have confidence and belief that you can. It’s that simple. You’ve seen the limits that fear puts on you as well as on others. But when you or anyone else has a true, deep and abiding confidence you can stare fear in the face and take decisive, deliberate, even bold action.

Then you’ll rise above the crowd as all leaders eventually do. Then that same confidence bolsters your ability and the natural thing that follows is the confidence of others being placed in you. This is a natural progression and one of the primary reasons you want to gain and maintain confidence. The rewards are great both in a tangible and intangible way.

Here are just a few more benefits that go hand in hand with greater confidence.

  • You’ll enjoy higher levels of respect and admiration from your boss, peers and those you manage
  • You’ll be ready to take on more challenging projects and assignments that could lead to job advancement, pay raises and career recognition
  • You’ll feel more secure in your current position and your ability to find a new and better job when you want it

There are many more rewards tied to greater confidence but these are a good start and make the decision to work on this attribute easier to begin.

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