Tis the Season to Donate and Recycle Kindness

During the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanza, New Years and other holidays, we tend to think more of others than ourselves. This is when our true humanity and caring is best displayed. This is a season when people give most to charitable organizations. Below are some ideas to consider for your personal giving or thoughts your company may want to consider if doing a charitable drive.

Donate technology like computers and phones. Read Techsoup’s Tips for donating or recycling computers then see Computers with Causes donation program. You may also want to find out how to give your old cell phones to nonprofits for emergency use or to donate them to soldiers. Besides phones, you can donate other items to soldiers as well.

We think often of children and feeding the needy during this time too. You may desire to make a difference in a young person’s life by giving toys, promoting literacy, or sponsoring a child. You could provide better education or perhaps food for a child or a family. Check out The Hunger Site to offer food support on a worldwide basis. Or plan to help out at home by finding out what your local community or church Food Bank needs are. Consider donating time as well as goods or money. Many shelters need people to serve food on the holidays or pass out items to the needy, and other organization need people to make deliveries.

Many of us buy new clothes or get haircuts to look our best at holiday parties and company gatherings. When adding to your closet, consider cleaning it out too. You can donate fashions and long hair after a haircut to worthy causes too. See these Charity Guides for ideas on donating clothes or eyeglasses.

If you have other links for charitable organizations that you feel are relevant to the giving season or any time of the year, please add them to the comments so others can learn about them too.

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