Dress for success, business casual, and interview attire

A few months ago I had a post on the code of dress for success verses fashion trends. For those needing or wanting visual information to go with the text presented there or for ideas you can show to your staff, read on. Below are a few free options that are acceptable for business-related viewing. Please note that some of the suggested outfits are a little flashy color-wise and perhaps too trendy for some types of business, but most are not inappropriate for some companies today. If yours in a more formal office, then use only the classic style examples shown for formal rather than causal options.
  • Video examples of business casual and interview in Dress for Success from YouTube (3:12 minutes)
  • Video Suggestions for interview dressing and low to mid-level managers Dressing for Business Success on BNet.Com (7:24 minutes)
  • Mostly text slide show containing hints and with a few snapshots for Dress to Impress on You-Tube (4:31 minutes)
If you plan to share a video link from above, pick the one that best fits your corporate environment. Hope this helps many with the dressing for success at work and every professional’s issue related to what is really considered business casual. Business casual is acceptable work attire, not bad copies of bad outfits seen on fashion runways. Let the kids in school dress outrageously, but let those in the workforce learn to dress appropriately for their current job or desire future promotion. Remember, no matter how qualified or experience you may be, you might not get the job if you don’t look the part.

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Our choice of business apparel speaks to our professional behavior and credibility.