Success Law 4: The Law of Expectation

Seven Laws that Guarantee Your Career and Business Success

Have you ever looked closely at a beautiful oriental tapestry? These masterpieces are made up of many different threads of various colors and shades all carefully, artfully and painstakingly woven together to make a well designed and eye catching visual. Although all the threads are different they may have very similar and complementary colors to make the collective masterpiece an integrated whole. The same is true for these seven laws that we will continue reviewing now.

Each law is different, yet may relate closely to and support another so that they are like identical twins. Twins that are very similar in looks, yet unique in their own way. With that in mind lets look at more laws that can dramatically impact your career and business success.

What you expect strongly and confidently is what you receive. The law of expectation is closely related to the Law of Belief that we previously reviewed. The comedian Flip Wilson used to say, “what you see is what you get”, and the law of expectation holds a similar truth. In most situations, what you expect is what you get even if it isn’t really what you want.

Successful people have a confident and self assured level of expectancy and they typically see, enjoy and live what those expectations bring them. They expect to do well in their career and business life, they expect to be healthy and enjoy life, they expect to have good relationships and they are seldom disappointed. You know people like that and perhaps you are one of those people.

Likewise, those with a negative expectancy also live out and receive what they expect. If they expect trouble, conflict, problems, ill health, poor relationships these are typically what they find, bearing out their expectations, even if they desperately want something better and different. You probably know people like that too. They are all around us.

Who Wove Your Mental Tapestry? The expectations of those around us, especially in our younger years, have a profound impact on our lives and what we manifest. There are at least four areas (people) where expectations mold and shape you either consciously or subconsciously. They are your parents; your teachers or boss; your expectations of others, including siblings, spouse, children and those you manage at work; your expectations of yourself. Let’s examine one of the most important of those four.

If your parents expected you to do well and voiced and lived those expectations with you their actions positively and powerfully shaped who you became. Likewise if they had negative expectations or no clear expectations these attitudes and the following actions shaped you just as well. These expectations tend to have a life of their own and will many times live on even after the deaths of our parents. They are like threads of thought woven into our mental tapestry shaping, coloring and determining who we are and what we become.

You can, however, reshape your expectations over time. Coaching and mentoring clients I have worked with have seen almost miraculous results by using positive affirmations and visualizations on a consistent basis. This isn’t because of my brilliance, but a resounding witness of these laws working for those who work them. This type of change is within your control and direction but you must make a concerted and consistent effort to consciously reframe old negative expectations with those that are new, positive and truthful.

Check back soon to review law five on the attractor factor. Happy weaving until then.

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