Success Law 1: The Law of Control

Seven Laws that Guarantee Your Career and Business Success

Let’s face it, ‘the Secret’ was and is no big secret. Or perhaps, it really is! Perhaps it’s much bigger and more of a secret than what we’ve even begun to recognize. If you consider that most people don’t have a clue about the great universal laws, the ‘life laws’ that make it all work 24-7-365, then perhaps it really is a secret. What am I referring to?

Unless you’ve been hibernating under a rock or visiting another planet for the past year you’ve no doubt heard about the book, the DVD, the rage called “The Secret”. The focus of “The Secret” is what is referred to as the Law of Attraction, one of the universal laws that have power above and beyond what mere mortal might recognize.

Now believe me, I’m not here to poke fun of, make light of nor jest about a subject as strangely powerful as the Law of Attraction. Why? Because your current and future career and business success is yoked to this and six other timeless laws that we are going to uncover and explore in the posts ahead. Let the adventure begin.

Are You A Criminal? Yes, most of us are criminals, not of our own conscious decision but out of ignorance, indecision or incorrect decisions. We’re all breaking the laws! Let me explain.

We all know about the natural laws and the consequences of breaking them. You know about the law of gravity. You can be in Dallas, Texas or London, England at 7:00 in the morning or 7:00 at night, on Monday or on Friday, and that law works. It’s a universal law and is not a respecter of persons.

When you jump out of a 20-story hotel window at either of those locations (even if your name is Paris Hilton) that law works and the consequences can be severe. And there are many other natural laws that work with the same mathematical exactness and scientific precision as the law of gravity. But there are also mental laws that work with the same efficacy.

Mental laws like natural laws work 100% of the time for everyone with the same kind of equality. You can be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the newest hire in a corporation of 30,000 people; these laws work for one and all just the same. Let’s start by examining the Law of Control.

Everyday and every moment of the day you are consciously or subconsciously determining your career and business success (or failure) by your recognition and adherence to the Law of Control. Most people are relinquishing control in one or more areas of their life to someone or something else. They are saying by their actions that they don’t really want or can’t take control of that aspect of their life.

The Law of Control (or locus of control theory) is determined by how you view yourself in your environment and your relationships. It is generally agreed that most of your feelings of stress, tension, anxiety and even physical illness are due to your feelings of being out of control about some area of your life. You will feel positive about yourself to the degree you feel in control of your life. Likewise, you will feel negative to the degree you feel out of control or losing control to some person or outside force in your life.

You can always tell how well you are obeying or disobeying these universal laws by your results. Live by them, harmonize with them and your life will appear charmed, magical and as some might say, lucky. Ignore them, forget them or blatantly try to side step them and you’ll suffer the consequences no matter how “good” you might be. These laws are not partial to gender, age, culture, religion, education or any other factors that might sway the minds of men. They are neutral and impartial to all. Breaking these laws consciously or subconsciously will only break you.

Next time we’ll continue our investigation of more of these seven immutable laws that impact your career and business success everyday. Until then, stay in control and attract what you really want…health, wealth and peace of mind.

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