Undercover Boss Dances thru Holiday Season

Ending our 2010 year of leadership lessons learned from Undercover Boss TV show which was informative and occasionally funny. Check out previous posts for education received by C-level management in other episodes. Read below for the more recent learning.

President and CEO of Johnny Rockets Restaurants, John Fuller, goes to work in a few key locations to find out what his people do. Even before his journey as cook and waiter began, he had acknowledged that employees with passion, energy, and creativity were directly related to the best customer experience. He wants his company to be a fun place to work where people want to stay employed there and customers want to return regularly to a place of food, fun, and staff song/dance. The boss understands the importance of appreciation and recognition to be given to great employees for jobs well done.

Henrik Slipsager, CEO of ABM Industries, gets his hands dirty when he becomes a low-level worker. Having been on enough airport shuttles to find his first job segment about a lack of speed in customer service funny, but I am not sure I'd have felt that way if on that shuttle. A least Henrick recognized his own failures and that training and attitude are important. A window washer or elevator attendee who is afraid of heights or a janitor that can not scrub properly? This boss must think "thank goodness someone is willing to do and is skilled at this job." It is for sure he was glad to have employees that take pride in what they do and so do the job well. Episode also reflected on 9/11 and employees affected as a result of that tragedy.

Did you watch nay of the shows? What did you learn? What did you share with others where you work? Let us know by adding comments for our blog readers to learn from as well.

Tune in next month to our next post and see how the undercover seasons ends and what new lessons we might learn. 

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