Five Differences between Good Leaders and Bad Leaders

With all the political “foul” crying that is going on in the USA right now, I thought it might be interesting to look at how leadership works in business.  Why?  Like it or not, the president is the CEO of the country and has the strength to lead .  So what happens if we get a successful businessman running the country rather than a dyed-in-the-wool lifetime politician?  Well, that all depends on whether or not the new CEO is a good value-based leader.  Why compare national  leadership using business leadership?  Let us face reality here – politics affect economy, economy affects business, business success/failure affects people. 

Below is a five-point comparison of good verses bad leaders.

Five Differences - Good Leaders vs. Bad Leaders:

Good Leaders
Bad Leaders
Strive to be ethical and open with followers
Hide their true agenda and have no problem with twisting the truth
Look for ways to cut costs or  reduce spending without sacrificing effective processes or policies
Throw more money at existing problems rather than admit mistakes or consider collaborative solutions
Ask advice by consulting knowledgeable individuals and groups, yet willing to make the hard decisions when necessary.
Decide they are always right or let themselves be mislead into going with non-substantiated solution based on who proposes it.
Admit when mistakes have been made and start a problem solving process.
Blame others, bring division among followers, or deny wrong doings.
Understand  transition and lasting change requires rolling up their sleeves, taking lots of time, as well as proper” planning, work, and dedication.
Use people’s fears and internal politics to either force their changes or maintain the status quo, whether or not it works for the organizational good.

Yes, it was a close election.  However a winner has been declared and we, as Americans, need to stand behind the winner and begin the transition.  A few thousand protestors should not take away from the election.  If every one of the 322 million citizens (those of voting age of course) voted, then truly the majority has spoken…

If anyone did not exercise their right to vote, then they elected to accept whatever the outcome and should not complain.  If you voted and your candidate did not win, then sorry for your sadness but in real life there are winners and losers – not everyone gets the prize no matter what your mommy or coach might have told you…

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