Five Common Leadership Challenges

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Each year a new list of challenges facing business leaders comes out.  This post will just take a look at what seems to be common among the lists for last year that most likely will continue into this year.  I looked at four respected sources from last year and found the following in common (not listed in priority order), although they may use different terminology:

5 Leadership Challenges

1.    Building Trust (Both with employees and customers)
2.    Managing Change (Moving quickly while staying focused on the goal)
3.    Protecting Reputation (Either the company’s or the leader’s role)
4.    Securing Information (Hackers are still out there!)

What does everyone seem to be saying is the biggest issue for this year?   Hmm…I only found this biggest business challenge listed on the Business Journal article for last year.  Anyway, I will make the new high priority number five for this list.

Other resources reviewed and worth reading:

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