Office Ergonomics Stand-up for Back Relief

I have written blog posts on computer work areas and general work surfaces, primarily for organization with a few tips here and there on ergonomics.  Work area ergonomics is still a topic of interest in most businesses.  Currently standing desks are the suggested way to relief back stress and get employees moving a little during the day.  After seeing many advertised on TV, I was considering doing a post on why buy one and how to pick the best one for your work area.  Before I could start my research, I was contacted by two different organizations about an office product and a mobile version.  This was great for me as it saved my research and writing time.  It is good for you because you have the ability to compare in one place!

If you are looking for a desk that converts from sitting to standing for your office, check out The Best Standing Desk research and review on nine products by  The review post compares desks for stability, warranty, assembly, noise-level, and ease-of-use.  It includes photos and videos, as well as tips on why and how to use a standing desk verses sitting all day.  You may also want to check out 4 Ways To Use Standing Desks to Hack Your Health.

If you are a mobile worker and would like to get the same benefits when traveling that you get in the office, consider the X-Stand.  This is an affordable lightweight stand for laptops that allows you to turn any flat work surface into a standing desk. Go to their website to see a video and learn more.  You can use a portable stand:  in your hotel room, as a podium during client presentations, or when doing tasks at the local coffee shop.  If you want five more portable standing desk options, see the video below.