Real Marketing Options for Every Business


If you have tried lots of marketing options presented in articles or given to you by "next generation" advisors, have you had success?  Maybe a little, but probably not a lot.  So did you waste your money on marketing?  Again, maybe a little if you learned what not to do but for sure if you are still listening to people who are giving you the wrong advice for the type of business you have.  What works for big businesses may not work for small businesses.  What works for selling retail products direct to consumers/customers - does not work for selling products and services to corporate clients.    

If your company is a small business, instead of hiring a consultant, try some of the ideas in 14 Cheap and Effective Small-Business Marketing Strategies.   Notice this article does not mention social media until option 10 and then only as a way to continue the efforts from other options.  Do not jump on a social media platform immediately because someone told you it worked for them.  To be effective  social media must provide something for the reader and must target the people you want reading your posts.

If you are Business to Consumer (B2C) retail seller or service provider, 7 Tips for Consumer Marketing emphasizes digital areas such as ecommerce stores and social media for brand awareness.   The article briefly explains the basic differences between B2C and B2B marketing.  It targets getting customers and repeat business through special offers , customization, and using various strategies to market and grow your business.

If you are Business to Business (B2B) product or service provider, according to The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing you should to concentrate on understanding your competition and the standard sales cycle to actually get sales.  The guide compares B2B and B2C marketing differences in a simple chart.  It also explains what you must do before marketing and then explains how to build a multi-faceted marketing strategy.  Social media is more for business brand awareness and most likely will not directly result in sales, but it can be the first place corporate leaders and buyers may find out about you if your marketing plan is done well.  


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