Top Nine Tools for Recruiter’s Productivity

Modern Recruiters face an increasingly challenging landscape. Finding great talent in today’s noisy recruitment market requires a lot of efforts that can be sometimes frustrating and time-consuming.

As recruiters gear up for their talent hunt aggressively in today’s arena, it becomes important for them to be extremely productive and extra smart with their skills. Luckily, there are some awesome tools that can help recruiters optimize their recruiting efforts and become a better more resourceful recruiter.
Top 9 Tools for Recruiter’s Productivity:
  1. Osclass: An absolutely free tool where you can manage your vacancies and candidates profiles from anywhere at any time, you only need a browser and internet connection. 
  2. Interview Mocha:  Filter out the irrelevant candidates using online screening tool. This software can help you screen the candidates online without any hassles. You can test the skills of candidates easily without your technical team’s help. Interview Mocha contains updated skill tests that help you filter your applicants before you bring them in your interviewing process.
  3. Rapportive: This tool will help you know your candidate better. It reveals them across their entire social media presence. It shows you everything about your contacts directly in your inbox.
  4. Calendly : Recruiters spend a lot of time scheduling things. Calendly is a great scheduling app which you can use to easily manage your calls / meetings / skypes / interviews etc. You can send and share your calendar to your candidates or hiring managers and they can pick a time instead of the usual mail slinging which costs valuable time.
  5. Buffer : You can plan, schedule, publish and analyze your content with your candidates on all popular social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  It will save a lot of your time and let you manage your social media efficiently.
  6. Evernote: It lets you prioritize your to-do list, store all your notes, projects, ideas, read-later e-mails, and blogs.
  7. Sidekick: It is a free app from Hubspot that will let you track your emails. It will give you an idea when and how should you follow up.
  8. SaneBox: SaneBox saves you from a cluttered inbox. It learns what emails are important to you and filters out what are not.
  9. Boomerang: This is an amazing tool to schedule mails, reminded to be sent or returned at a later time. Follow up with your candidate and keep them warm. 
I hope this post can get you there faster with increased focus and productivity. 

Would you add any other tools to this list? Please share your favorites in comments below.

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