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TAPP Time Management  Book
I wrote a time management book (T.A.P.P. available on Amazon #ad ) and several blog posts on ways to save time.  As a result, people are always sending me information on ways to do time management electronically rather than using a paper planner.  When I teach time management, I get asked which type is better paper-based vs. electronic planners.  I explain how both methods can work, because it is really a matter of preference rather than being up-to-date.  If you try to force yourself to use a tool you do not like, then you will not use it - so you lose the time management benefit.   If the planning tool works for you, it save you time.  If it does not, then you could be wasting time trying to use bells & whistle options that are not relevant to the way you manage your time or the type of work you do.  That said, below are a few options (some free or with more options based on price) to consider if you decide to go digital for all or part of your time management. 

Calendar and Tasks:

Notes and To-Do’s

Meetings – for an office use one of the calendar features above or consider the 4 alternatives at
Evaluating meeting tools that are free on the internet.

If you know another great app or internet service to share, please add the name and URL in the comments on this post.  Thanks!

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Lily Allen said...

I'm personally a big fan of To Be Productive (aka 2bProductive Blog) blog. Thanks for sharing this post.
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