Six Success Zones for 21st Century Leaders

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The Leadership Zone Model
from AchieveGlobal
In a 4-page report by Craig Perrin, he studied 42 leadership practices to come with 6 zones to create a new model for effective leadership.  His conclusions from the study resulted in these six (6) Leadership Zones:
1.    Reflection = Assess motives, beliefs, attitudes, and actions.
2.    Society = Apply principles to balance individual and group well-being.
3.    Diversity = Respect and leverage differences.
4.    Ingenuity = Offer and execute practical ideas to create a climate in which innovation can thrive.
5.    People = Connect with others on the human level
6.    Business = Develop strategies and guide effort toward predicted results.

To be successful leaders must navigate the 6 zones because according to Perrin, success today involves the following five Business Challenges:
-    “More complex problems demand greater reflection.
-    Sustainable long-term strategy must have a positive impact on society.
-    Large-scale efforts need to leverage diversity in all its forms.
 Ingenuity drives innovation, which sharpens a competitive edge.
  Motivating people must involve their emotions as well as their minds.”

Read the full “Leader vs. Manager: What’s the Distinction?” report to review the success steps necessary for each zone.

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