Strategic Thinking to Win: Process

In my previous post on the book Think to Win (on Amazon #ad), the principles of the book were provided.  This time I would like to outline their suggested process with 8 questions and some of the accompanying strategy tools or results per step.  The process helps managers connect the dots to prevent a scattered approach to necessary changes.  SWOT is used throughout the process, but is listed below only when it is introduced.

Think to Win – Eight Question Process
1.  What do we know?
     -  Data Analysis
     -  Umbrella (Problem) Statement using CFC = Clear, Focused, Compelling
2.  What is most important?
     -  7 C’s Framework = Company, Colleagues, Category, 
        Customers/Consumers, Competitors, Community
     -  SWOT = Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats
3.  What differentiate us?
     -  SCA = Strategic Completive Advantage
4.  Insights, so what?
     -  Key Issues and Implications

5.  What is our purpose and position?
     -  Vision, Purpose/Governing Statement
6.  What should we aim to achieve?
     -  Balanced Goals
     -  3M’s = Measures, Metrics, Milestones
7.  What choices do we make?
     -  Brainstorming
     -  3 Strategies: Core, Alternative, Contingent
8.  Did we win?
     -  Initiative Teams for Core Strategies
     -  Action Plan/Roadmap
     -  Communication:
        --  Key Messages include Situation, Action, Impact
        --  Plan-on-a-Page
        --  Meetings

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