Do Business Books Make Good Gifts?

When people ask me what is a good gift to give clients or employees for holidays or business anniversaries, a good book is always on the top of the suggestion list.  A well-chosen book can motivate your employee or help them to succeed in an area they may need assistance.  An informative business or management book can give your clients an upper hand in their industry or improve the way they do work that solves an existing business problem. 

You do not just have to take my word for it though. Below are links to articles or posts by others who suggest books too.
For more on the client gifts, see my post Prevent Gift-giving OOPS, know what to give your clients for the holidays post and some of the links within it.  This post also has links for gift book ideas for employees and managers.  Review all of the tips and then check out my books for some titles you may want to consider as possible gifts.

BTW:  Did you know when ordering books on-line, you usually can mark each as a gift once in your shopping cart?  You also can have them shipped directly to the gift recipient with a note from you on the packing slip with no indication of what you spent.  

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