Reading Books for Professional Success

I recently found out about a “Read to Succeed” program being offered to companies by Tremendous Life Books, a publisher of self-help and goal achievement books.  I am all for this idea since I love to read (you can tell by the many books I have blogged about here) and they offer a volume discount as well (I also love a good deal).  Check out their link above to watch a video with more details on the program.

This blog has promoted such internal reading programs before because they just make sense.  Why?  If you want to get better at something, would you ask an expert?  Of course you would, that is if you could find one.  Most experts have written books in their field of expertise (see some book titles from our experts in right-side panel).  So why not save the high price of personal consulting and go buy the expert’s book?  Then read it.  Even if you only read a chapter a day, you get slowly closer the goal the book is designed to help you achieve.  That is definitely worth your time if you are really planning for success.

Corporate libraries and suggested reading lists are truly an excellent way to extend the learning from a corporate training program outside the classroom.  You do not just have to take mine and Daryl’s (post link above) word for it. Mary Anne, a sales and leadrship trainer, is planning a blog post on the extended learning concept of reading programs soon. 

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