Seven Tremendous Things for Improving Your Leadership

Being Tremendous:
The Life, Lessons,
 and Legacy of
Charlie Tremendous Jones
In the newest business leader biography Being Tremendous book (on Amazon #ad) - the story of and speeches by Charlie Jones,   seven things are shared to help you improve yourself and those around you.  Listed below is a summary of these
7 Tremendous Things for Leaders:
  1.  Abandonment – read books and try to avoid personal discouragements
  2. Humility – it a keystone of leadership
  3. A sense of urgency because only today is in your hands
  4. Discipline and loyalty – keep busy in a constructive way and remain true to your convictions
  5. Loneliness because you are the one who:  has the vision, goes ahead, sets the pace, and paves the way for others.
  6. Positive Persuasion – life is a series of presentations persuading others to your cause
  7. Stickability – stick to it and do it, don’t take the easy way out or quit.
Charlie Jones also spoke on 7 Tremendous Laws of Leadership, and wrote a few truths about self-motivation and more truths on the price of leadership.  Many motivational books were written, edited, compiled or read by Charlie "Tremendous" Jones in his lifetime.

Want to know more?  Click the link to watch a Tremendous Clips Video to give you a glimpse of the man and the reason he was a legendary speaker.    There is also an  Introduction to the Book and the Man Video link on the Tremendous Life Books site. 

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