Eight Leadership Dimensions

The eight dimensions of leadership
The 8 Dimensions
of Leadership Book
The folks at Wiley Publishing developed a new Work of Leaders training program around their research for the book The 8 Dimensions of Leadership (on Amazon #ad).  In the book, their research indicates that all leaders need to utilize the 8 dimensions for various aspects of their work.  Most leaders will have a preferred dimension that is related to their primary DiSC behavioral style (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Conscientiousness) from the original DiSC assessment.  The most difficult dimensions for a leader to achieve will be the ones that are diagonally opposite of their primary one on the DiSC Leadership Map.  Each dimension has its own strengths and challenges.

Listed below is a summary of the 8 Dimensions of Leadership: 
1.       Pioneering – dynamic, charismatic, and adventurous
2.       Energizing – outgoing, encouraging, and spontaneous
3.       Affirming approachable, friendly, and positive
4.       Inclusive – patient, accepting, and diplomatic
5.       Humble –soft-spoken, precise, and modest
6.       Deliberate – systematic, analytical, and cautious
7.       Resolute – rational, challenging, and determined
8.       Commanding –assertive, competitive, and driven

Readers may be able to figure out which their preferred and opposite leadership styles by: reading the book, taking the assessment which gives a 1-page result, or by contacting an Inscape Distributor to take the full Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile for a personalized 23-page profile .  Part 2 of the book describes each dimension and part 3 begins with needs assessment, which is followed by how and why to move into the other dimensions.  The 8 dimensions are also used in the new Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders tool (360° feedback with 3 personalized strategies).  

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