January 8, 2013

Eight Leadership Dimensions

The folks at Inscape Publishing developed a new Work of Leaders training program around their research for the book The 8 Dimensions of Leadership.  In the book, their research indicates that all leaders need to utilize the 8 dimensions for various aspects of their work.  Most leaders will have a preferred dimension that is related to their primary DiSC behavioral style (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Conscientiousness) from the original DiSC assessment.  The most difficult dimensions for a leader to achieve will be the ones that are diagonally opposite of their primary one on the DiSC Leadership Map.  Each dimension has its own strengths and challenges.
The 8 Dimensions
of Leadership Book
Listed below is a summary of the 8 Dimensions of Leadership: 
1.       Pioneering – dynamic, charismatic, and adventurous
2.       Energizing – outgoing, encouraging, and spontaneous
3.       Affirming approachable, friendly, and positive
4.       Inclusive – patient, accepting, and diplomatic
5.       Humble –soft-spoken, precise, and modest
6.       Deliberate – systematic, analytical, and cautious
7.       Resolute – rational, challenging, and determined
8.       Commanding –assertive, competitive, and driven

Readers may be able to figure out which their preferred and opposite leadership styles by: reading the book, taking the on-line assessment at 8dimensionsofleadership.com which gives a 1-page result, or by contacting an Inscape Distributor to take the full Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile for a personalized 23-page profile .  Part 2 of the book describes each dimension and part 3 begins with needs assessment, which is followed by how and why to move into the other dimensions.  The 8 dimensions are also used in the new Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders tool (360° feedback with 3 personalized strategies).  

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