Increase Productivity with Six Time Management Tips


In over 6 minutes, Brian Tracy explains 6 Time Management Tips in the video below.  Brian Tracy, is the author of Goals! (on Amazon #ad) and Eat That Frog! (on Amazon #ad

In summary, his tips are:
1. Prepare in advance. 6P Rule
2. Schedule your time.
3. Start early.
4. Improve organizational skills.
5. Increase your productivity during your "prime time."
6. Understand airtime travel productivity.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this great video and these very useful time management tips. I didn’t notice that starting early is a good way to be more productive. It indeed improves my time management skills and increase productivity. I’ve also watch this video of Elizabeth Saunders a time guru, which also helps me to be productive.

Unknown said...

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