OPW-Make More Money and Enjoy Your Life Part 3

You are back after reading parts one and two and ready to invest in OPW (other people’s wisdom) in a big way. You now know that having your life account full and growing is a very wise investment on your part for your greater productivity, income growth and life enjoyment. That is a wise recognition and you are on the right path. Let us continue.

You are aware that the wise counselors mentioned in part 2 are your mentor(s) and your Master Mind group. Let us enlarge and expand the detail and clarity of who they are. In future posts, we will give you five important tips on how to enlist their assistance.

A mentor is simply a wise advisor or counselor. Here is some insight: both genders work; older or younger works too; skin color or culture is irrelevant; formal education is nice but not necessary; proximity can be very helpful but is not mandatory; socio-economic status is also irrelevant. Those are a few of the issues that should not be a big barrier if there is a willingness and readiness for both parties. Take down the old traditions or self-imposed boundaries and broaden your horizons.

Having more than one mentor can be especially helpful. Going back to the first post, I make it clear that having ‘others’ (plural) who you trust is the imperative in enjoying and benefiting from OPW. Trust is the foundation and starting point for a worthwhile relationship developed slowly, carefully and over time. Our world is more complex and changing faster than ever before and being able to draw from 2, 3 or more qualified, diverse and specifically unique advisors is extremely helpful in adding to your “life account.”

Recognize this too; a mentor may be there for a reason, a season or a lifetime. There are no standard time commitments nor is there a “perfect” mentor that will endow you with the holy grail of wisdom. Mentors (like protégés) are people and with each person there comes both the good and the bad. Choose wisely.

A Master Mind group, defined by Napoleon Hill who originated the term over 73 years ago, is the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose”. Actually, you have the beginning of a Master Mind when you and your mentor come together in this type of relationship. But in most cases the more people you add to your group who can and will work in a harmonious way the quicker and better will be the results for all. A group of four to eight people chosen carefully will bring a ‘multitude of counselors’ to your aid giving you more OPW than you can imagine.

Fill up your life account with OPW and watch your productivity soar, your income grow and your life enjoyment flourish.

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