OPW-Make More Money and Enjoy Your Life Part 1

Here is an educated guess. You are not reading this blog for entertainment, spiritual enlightenment nor for your lack of something else to do. You are here looking and expecting to gain something of value or worth. Right?

Now that we have your basic reason for being here perhaps this title titillated your interest enough to cause you to begin a quick scan of the content. So that brings you to here, and our next educated guess. You are probably asking, “what is OPW’?”

OPW is other people’s wisdom. Today our society, our culture and our world is spinning so fast and furious we can not possibly try to keep up with even the bare necessities without the qualified and able assistance of ‘others’ whom we trust.

Here are the facts. Data is free, just like air. It is every where, and although polluted like the air, it is around us 24-7-365. Information is cheap, just like gum used to be. With the web and our information rich society we have some reasonably good quality information attainable quickly, cheaply and with little effort. So where does that leave us? Ah yes, wisdom.

Wisdom, that is golden, that is valuable and that is worth seeking. The way the wisdom literature defines wisdom is ‘knowledge applied’. The famous Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Wisdom and right action are the same thing.” You get wisdom when you apply knowledge and with it comes understanding. What a package!

We turn to the TV, the radio, the web or the company water-cooler to get all the relevant daily news we need. We go to certain specialist like our primary physician, our dentist, our accountant or our hair stylist to give us the insights and updates on how we are doing in health or hair categories. But where do we turn for wisdom? Again, the wisdom literature points us to ‘wise counselors’.

So where are these wise counselors? How do we find these men and women of wisdom who can give us good counsel to be more productive, make more money and enjoy our life? Actually, they are all around us if we will only start looking and listening for them.

They are found in the pages of great books or other good learning materials. You may meet some walking the halls of companies in your city and others are in places of worship or education. Occasionally you will even find one of these wise counselors in a humble and unexpected place like your circle of friends or family. Amazing, is it not?

You can find your own wise counselor or even assemble your own wisdom team with just a little work. In our next post we will show you why it is important and how to do it.

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